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Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

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This Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane is quite different from a remote controlled airplane because this one is actually made of paper. You can simply make it fly using a sensor and a control from your phone. It’s the best way to combine fun leisure and technology to feed the kids’ imagination.









Durable and crash proof design lets your kids play with it over and over again without needing to buy a new one every time it crash lands.



Transforms ordinary paper planes into an app controlled machine.



Can be controlled directly from a smartphone free application.



Easy way to control the airplane - just tilt left and right to steer the plane and increase or decrease throttle to ascend or descend.



Perfect activity when going on a picnic or a camping trip



Great quality time spent with families and kids









Download the app POWER UP 3.0



Fold the paper as instructed.



Plug in the power module on the paper airplane nose clip.



Cut aileron and rudder tab.



Adjust the ailerons.



When you launch the paper plane, better let the fuselage parallel to the water level.



The correct wind direction is backwards.